It’s the Simple Things

It’s the little things, like picking pumpkins with the kids and then carving silly faces into them that make a windy weekend a fun one. We headed to the Red Hook Community Farm for the 5th annual Red Hook Harvest Festival. Besides a farm market and live chooks and bunnies, there are always great local food stands –┬áThe Good Fork, iCi, and the Lobster
among them this year – and the pumpkin patch. Somehow in 12 years in the US I had managed to never carve a pumpkin. So today, that changed. The kids were happy and dare I say, I was too. It is the simple things really …

5 thoughts on “It’s the Simple Things”

  1. These “simple things” are the things you will miss when you finally leave NY. Halloween is not really celebrated in Aus. Maybe you can start a new trend when you come here to live

  2. We are starting to celebrate halloween. My girls are looking to go to ‘Boo at the Zoo’, but not to the same degree as the states. I am sure we can get into it, so your kids dont feel like they have missed out.

  3. It is good to know that you are into pumpkin carving …. we have some virgin pumpkins here with great potential…

    1. ooh, I will gladly help carve so long as you have a nifty carving kit! we can bake the pumpkin seeds too …yes, it always comes down to food for me!

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