Hello Sailor – Again

Straight from the runways to the stores, it’s all about stripes for Spring 2011. To be sure, stripes are never out of style – think Coco Chanel in a classic French-sailor striped tee or “la marinière,” Audrey Hepburn or even James Dean, proving even pretty, bad boys can rock horizontal stripes.

You cannot step into high street retailers Forever 21, H&M, Zara or even Old Navy right now without stripes jumping out at you. These pics (above) show just a smidge of what’s on offer at Forever 21 in New York’s Union Square. There’s traditional blue and white, nautical red, white and blue and even knotted nautical-style rope belts and a quirky Popeye t-shirt to accent the theme.

It seems every place is screaming Hello Sailor for Spring.

4 thoughts on “Hello Sailor – Again”

  1. The racks have been full of stripes in Sydney too. As for busty women, the choice of neckline can make all the difference … try a slightly deeper scoop or bisect with a V neck even a piece of jewellery that creates the V.

  2. Thanks Lesley – Sabina we will get u into stripes yet girl! For me, the whole flat-chested French sailor look isn’t much of a stretch!!

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